A mass of positive reactions on my newsletter!

Hey there!

Yesterday, I’ve decided to do my outing also through the newsletter of my greatest project “The Linux Counter Project” (https://www.linuxcounter.net).
So I’ve written the following few words regarding my big change in my life:

“Most of you may already have noticed this, since I’ve already posted this in most of the social networks. But also many of you seem to be not up to date.
For those of you that are still not up to date, please read this small posting about what I want to say:
Thanks for all your support for The Linux Counter Project and I really, really hope, that this change will not cause you to leave the project.”

This newsletter has about 320,000 receivers and it still is not finished with sending and will propably continue until thursday.
But until now I already received a real mass of answers from the readers of this newsletter and also three really nice comments on the blog (tgirl.r3y.de).

All, really all responses are very, very positive and they all are wishing me the best wishes and the best luck for my transition.

Here are only a very few quotes of these responses:

“Just wanted to say good luck with your transition, and it’s awesome that you’ve come out in the newsletter. I’m also transitioning at the moment, slowly!”

“Congratulations, girl!”

“[…] And second, regarding your explanation: honestly, you shouldn’t have to post such an explanation. People are who they are, they can become who they want to be in life, and all in all, you are a great person. Best of luck with the transformation, I hope everyone in your surroundings accepts this with the grace you deserve as a human!”

“Best wishes for your future Christin. You are a courageous person. Support and kudos from here, and thanks for sharing.”

“Congratulations Christin, I applaud your strength, and I’m not going anywhere!”

“Thanks for all of your work and all the best with the momentous changes ahead! It will be worth it!”

“I’m sorry I don’t speak much German (“drei Bier bitte!”) so apologies for only being able to respond in English. Just read your post on the changes you’re making in your life and wanted to wish you the best with finding happiness. A friend of mine was one of the best C++ programmers I’d ever worked with, and way back in 1996 Jxxxxxx became Jxxxxxxxxxxx. Her code was just as good as John’s and she was much happier being able to really be herself. The journey was hard and people weren’t as understanding and accepting back then. Your emergence will be equally hard and I wanted to take a moment to offer my support.”
These are only a very few responses and there are many, many more that are all as great and cool and friendly as the ones above.

*I want to thank you ALL for these really warm and nice words and for your great support!*

I love you all! Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!!!!


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Über Christin Löhner 114 Artikel
Christin Löhner ist selbst eine Frau mit transsexueller Vergangenheit. Vergangenheit deshalb, weil sie sämtliche Operationen hinter sich hat und ganz im weiblichen Körper angekommen ist. Sie ist die Gründerin und Leiterin der einzigen Selbsthilfeinitiative zum Thema Transsexualität im Bereich Hegau, Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis, Allgäu und Bodenseekreis, der Trans* SHG Hegau. Sie ist Mitglied der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Transidentität und Intersexualität e.V. und begleitet und berät weit über hundert transsexuelle Menschen Deutschland weit mit Tipps und Infos zum Passing, zur Rechtslage, zum Transsexuellengesetz, den Operationen, sowie Mode- und Stilberatung und Makeup-Workshops. Durch ihre Arbeit und ihr soziales Engagement, ihre Vorträge und Seminare zum Thema geschlechtliche Vielfalt, Transsexualität, Transphobie, Toleranz, Mobbing und Diskriminierung an Unis, Schulen und sozialen Einrichtungen, versucht sie sich für ihre Mitbetroffenen einzusetzen und stemmt sich vehement gegen Ungerechtigkeit, Mobbing und Diskriminierung. Auch mit Dokumentationen im Fernsehen, Zeitungen und Radio setzt sie sich immer wieder für die Rechte von transsexuellen Menschen ein und klärt die Öffentlichkeit über dieses Thema auf. Bloggerin, Webentwicklerin, Linux- und Serveradmin, Coffee Junkie, Trans*Beraterin, Trans*Begleiterin, Transgender, Transfrau, MzF

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  1. I congratulate you on your decision and boldness in coming forward on it.
    I know those moments are never easy, so I just can’t help to even more admire your personality for this.
    Wish you all the best, and most importantly, that you feel happy and comfortable with yourself.
    Best regards from Brazil.

  2. You are “male” by birth and “women” by choice. While it is not acceptable from the biblical view point, you made your choice.
    A very difficult choice. After all not all of us dare to make such a choice. Sometime I wish I have the same courage to made such a choice to go after my desire without caring about others comment (so long as I do not harm any of them).

    Wish you can live happier after making the choice.

    • Hey Paul, first I want to thank you for your nice comment.
      Nevertheless I need to correct one small thing:

      “You are „male“ by birth and „women“ by choice”

      Nobody, really nobody would unsolicited *choose* this, the harasses, the homophobian reactions, the threats, the death threats, the beats and all of this.

      We (all transgender people) were born as what we are. In my case, I was born as a woman. The problem with that is, that there is a discrepancy between my heart, my brain, my feelings and what you can see, my body. The body is that of a male. And only this is the only thing, what is wrong with me.
      All the rest is that of a woman.

      Best wishes

  3. More power to you, Christin 🙂 I’ve always appreciated the personal dedication you put into keeping the Linux Counter going. You’re a good example, coming out is just another aspect.

  4. Hello, I learned of your news by way of the LinuxCounter Newsletter. I am very glad to hear that the response was generally positive. You are awesome!
    Best wishes and more power to you on your journey to a happier you.

  5. Hallo Christin,
    ich kann nur sagen: Mache, was du für richtig hältst! Der beste Freund meiner Schwiegermutter hat vor vielen Jahren das gleiche durchgezogen – nur andersherum 😉 und es war genau die richtige Entscheidung für ihn.

    Alles gute!

  6. Christin,

    thank you for the linux counter and even more for the sincerity about your personal situation.
    I always believed that we should completely accept what a person feels she/he is, so I hope you feel my big support for you, your changes and your enormous bravery in telling the world.
    You’re taking a big step out of a tough situation into a brighter one. There may still be hard times ahead, but If ever you need words of support, you have my email address as well as everyone else here.

    You’re a wonderful woman,

    Love and best of wishes,


  7. I’m very sorry you’re so disturbed person. I hope you’ll meet the real Love and happingess… but it won’t be your sex or any other human.

  8. Hi Christin,

    Congratulations! The hair colour is fantastic.

    Thank you for taking the time to explain to us a very personal issue. I feel very honoured to have been included.

    Do not worry about a Pulmonary Embolism. I had two last year and the real problem is that you try to ignore them because you think you have broken some ribs. It was also painful to lie down. Eventually phoned local Doctor and I was having a scan in the nearest hospital just twenty minutes later. Heparin injections to dissolve clots for two weeks and Warfarin tablets for six months to lower risk of clots. Second just meant on Warfarin for life.

    Lots of Love

  9. Congratulations and all the best for the transition, Christin! I am admirative of such courage. Keep up the great work and please ignore the poor scared souls who feel the need to spit some venom 🙂

    Love from Australia.


  10. I didn’t want to comment, because it’s your life, your decision, I don’t want to interfere. But a word of support is always welcome, I think.
    So, Christin, keep going! Don’t worry too much and enjoy 😉

  11. What a surprise! I am registered on Linux Counter since so many years and never expected such a personal comment. That’s great that you could find what you really want to be and live, that’s even greater to see so many positive comments.
    The greatest is that we are not a bunch of nerds behind computers (like the media like to depict Linux fans) but a network of human beings with strong human feelings.

    All the best for the future Christin, from the French Riviera.

  12. Wzruszyła mnie Twoja historia. Sam nie odczuwam specjalnie konieczności zmiany płci, bo , ze względu na wiek, sam już nie wiem czym jestem – facetem, kobietą czy dzieckiem.

    Gruess Dich

  13. In der Tat erwartete ich eine für das Counterprojekt etwas dramatischere Sache, als du schriebst, dass man es hoffentlich deswegen nicht verlassen würde, als den Umstand, dass du dein Leben so leben möchtest, wie du es halt möchtest. ;=)
    Genauso wie es nicht nur ein passendes Betriebssystem gibt, gibt es eben auch nicht nur eine Form des Seins – und ich halte die Linuxgemeinde dahingehend für offen genug, auch mit Nischen gut klar zu kommen, die nicht dem Mainstream entsprechen. (Und ganz ehrlich wusste ich nicht, welche Geschlechterrolle die Person hinter dem Projekt hat bzw. haben möchte – weil es für mich auch gar keine Rolle spielt. Dass das bei dir aktuell eine größere spielt, kann ich allerdings auch nachvollziehen)

  14. Never let anyone bring you down! I’m so glad that you’re being met with positivity. The world truly is changing for the better. <3 Congrats on finding your true self, girl, and having the courage to publicly come out!

  15. Congratulations, Christin. I would have responded earlier, but I’ve only just read your Linux Counter newsletter.
    I’ve actually known a few trans people over the years; generally, they’ve been a lot happier after their transition. I do, then, have some idea of the courage it takes to go through this, and I admire you for that. I’m sure you’ll feel great once it’s over.

  16. Hi Christin. I just want to wish you the best of luck in your future as you go though this tough ordeal. I hope everything works out for you as you wish it to be. I have been registered with Linux Counter for longer than I can recall and have always appreciated your commitment to it. Thanks so much for caring so much about us to reveal such a personal thing to all of us. Again, Good Luck !!

  17. Wishing you all the best with all that! I went through the same myself a few years back, and it’s an “interesting” journey, often good, sometimes frustrating, but it’s one of the most important and positive decisions you’ll ever make. Good luck with everything. 🙂

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